Friday, August 20, 2010

One Month Bronch Gone BAD- My Sweetie IN ICU

Dr Noone told me that Mitch had stopped breathing during the last bit of the bronchoscopy and so they intubated and put him in ICU. Dr Noone said he hoped Mitch would get off the ventilator in the am.
Now, I just got off the phone with ICU nurse, its 11pm,(I am stuck at home with Simon and Matias- no kids in ICU allowed)his potassium levels are skyrocketing to 6.9 now, and they are treating that; he is on 100% vent, and she said they are monitoring him very closely because of the potassium levels- which is harmful to the heart. I asked if she thought he would get off the ventilator in the am, and she said she wasn't sure because he "coded" during his bronch. I suppose I thought coded meant his heart stopped because I asked her about that and she said that it just slowed down a little so they want to monitor him very closely. Plus, with the high potassium levels it makes this even more a concern.
Could anything else go wrong, I ask? Can a human being endure any more prolonged hardship and suffering?
I imagine Mitch lying in that room by himself with all the monitors, IVs, beeps, the blood gas arterial sticking and poking, and it rips my heart out of my chest, wrings it out, stomps on it, tears it into shreds and
I am left with the giant void of dark unequivocal FEAR.


Stephanie aka PinkPigg said...

Thinking of you both and sending love to help with the fear.

Sandy said...

Thinking and praying for you both. Tomorrow is a new day!


willow said...

i am so sad and sorry that this is so sucky. i love you guys so much. we are all constantly thinking of you. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Words just sound hollow and I wish I could express how sad I am feeling. Oh please let's hear some good news. Hang in there Rebecca, you have displayed such courage and please allow yourself the right to express your fear. Love you

Mei-Li Rodriguez said...

Wow I'm so sorry to hear this ... I hope he is okay now my 17 month old daughter is undergoing a broncoscopy and an endoscopy today as well and I am so nervous :(